Mac Tours RCL

Code 3 Mac Tours RCL Routemaster Bus
This code 3 model is based on Mac Tours Edinburgh tour bus number 11 which was originally London Transport's RCL2241.

After dismantling the bus, I started by cutting the unwanted roof and window section from the top deck. Plasticard was used to make the correct shaped pieces for the top rear section and the additional pieces where the windows had been removed. Wire was used for the guard rails. I used clear plastic to make the glazed partitions at the rear of the covered section.
Although not really visible in these photos, the front offside seat on the top deck had to be moved to face rearwards. This is where the tour guide sits on the real bus. I also added driver's mirrors.

I cheated a bit with this conversion in that I did not strip the paint from the donor model first. I just painted over the white with cream and red where needed.

All the waterslide decals for this model are home made, including most of the black striping and the tartan seat covers. All were printed on clear decal paper except those that need placing on the red parts of the bus. These were printed on white decal papar with the red background matched as best as possible to the bus red.

Donor model
The real bus